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022 Battery Key Replacement

Started by RABBIT, March 14, 2023, 02:30:32 PM

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Hello all, hope all is well. I just recently purchased a rad power bike from an independent party and they told me they don?t have their key anymore but that I can order one off line without issue. Upon doing research, I can?t find the key that fits my battery. I even ordered a universal one from eBay that does not fit. Does anyone else have this battery?


I've never seen a rad battery that looks like that one. I think you got scammed.


Quote from: rjp on March 14, 2023, 04:05:04 PM
I've never seen a rad battery that looks like that one. I think you got scammed.
Thanks for your response. The battery works but the lock doesn?t. Wondering if this is maybe an after market battery


That looks like the older legacy Rad battery from 2017 and before.

The key you purchased is probably for the newer batteries. Not sure where to get an older key though other than calling/emailing Rad support.


Ah! yes never saw one of those before. My bike is a 2020


Rad customer service "may" be able to help you with a replacement battery, but since you're not the original owner be prepared to play 20-questions to prove to them you didn't steal it.  With the bike and/or battery serial number their records should be able to figure out which key is needed - whether they still stock them is a different question.

Good luck!
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