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Hyd. Brakes

Started by softail97, March 09, 2023, 02:44:28 PM

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I want to install Hyd brakes on my Radrover 5      Anyone have a suggestion?



Contact AREA 13, AREA 13, 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes


I purchased a set for my wagon from big game bikes and they?re awesome.


I picked up a pair of sram level t hydros on ebay for $100 shipped.  Runner 1.  Got some new hydraulic hose so I could install the rear like the original.  So much nicer. 


I have Magura MT5Es with Galfer discs f223/r203. Awesome brakes.


I use the Magura MT7e. I have experience with my old Ariel Rider dual motor using Tektro Hydraulics. Both have great stopping power. Magura has an amazing feel. Can use one finger on the lever with confidence. Hydraulics all the way. Use a larger rotor on the front if you want for a bit better performance and less heat.

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