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For Sale: RR6+ UI Display (2nd screen), LCD Display (Primary Screen), Rear Brake

Started by milkandrelish, March 09, 2023, 09:56:39 AM

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Hello! I got these 3 items replaced under warranty, and I figured someone might want them.

The UI display (2nd screen) works perfectly, except the plastic clip that holds it on to the handlebar broke off. I am sure a quick trip to the hardware store and $1 would fix this. Otherwise in perfect condition.

The Primary LCD screen is in perfect condition, but reset my mileage (once) and Rad replaced it under warranty. Honestly not even sure it was the UI's fault as I was accessing the "hidden menu" when it restarted.

A rear replacement brake setup - NUTT brand rear hydraulic brake with lever, cable, caliper assembly. The brakes work, but lost a lot of braking power. I tried bleeding them (first time ever bleeding brakes) and couldn't improve it. I bet if you knew how to bleed brakes well, this would come back to life - but I don't know.

Anyways, I would happily sell all of this for $20 (combined) + shipping. If anyone happens to be in Arcata, CA area we can meet up locally.