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Hi new Radrunner owner in the UK looking for tyre advice

Started by HondaZ50M, February 22, 2023, 11:35:19 AM

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Hi I found the hard way that the stock tyres offer NO grip what so ever in cold damp/wet conditions.

Any advice on replacements please?



Do you have the knobby Kenda ones of the Cheng Shin kind? I think Rad uses both brands.  Are they inflated properly?  I ride year round here in the soggy Pacific northwest and haven't had any problems except one morning with freezing fog where I was a dummy and braked while turning on a painted street mural.  I didn't wreck but the back tire slid out.  The bike even did pretty good riding home in a snowstorm last week as long as I avoided where car tires packed the snow down into ice. 


Yes the stock Kenda knobbly tyres, no grip at all in damp or wet conditions, especially front.

Water Doc

I just replaced my K-Rads with Two Vee Tire 20x4.0 SkinWall Bike Tires Speedster E-Bike 50 with Endurance Compound and Override Puncture Protection (the ones with the off white sidewalls) So far I am very happy with this up grade, no problem with grip and best of all these tires are quiet - no hum what so ever which is a big improvement over the noisy K-Rads.  You have three choices, the off whitewalls, black walls and whitewalls. Only issue I have now is my motor is very loud when under load.
RadMini4 and RR+