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If you had 1500 for mods.

Started by Mkonrath72, February 17, 2023, 05:03:28 PM

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Hello.  I want to upgrade the performance of my Radwagon I believe it?s a 4. I love the size and look of my cargo bike but I don?t love the performance.  It accelerates slow, my battery drains fast because I?m allergic to pedaling, it has no shocks, no torque with heavy loads, etc. if u experts had $1500ish to upgrade the hell out of this bike what would u do?  P.s.  I often break the 350lb limit by 50lbs. Thanks.


Get an egg rider display and a thumb throttle for comfort and then an extra battery from Rad. I also got nicer handlebar grips, a suspension seatpost and a more comfy seat for my ride.


buy a different brand like WIRED bike.  lots of power and much bigger battery.  $2000.  sell what you have and buy the wired.