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Service in the Montr?al area?

Started by SnowStorm, February 15, 2023, 11:41:55 AM

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Hi, as I see more and more Rad bikes on the road, I was wondering if anyone can recommend ? good place for service in Montr?al?  My rear tire will son need replacing, and although I am pretty good at maintenance, i feel removing the rear wheel might be beyond my skills...thanks in avanc?!


Except for disconnecting the motor power cable, replacing a tire is a regular-bike job for any e-bike, so any bike shop should be able to do the job for you.  If it were me and they objected "because it's an e-bike and we don't work on those" I would go someplace more competent and willing to earn your business, rather than try to argue them into doing it.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


They are in Gatineau but have worked on my Rad a couple times and were incredible, they used to rent out Rads too way back. If you reach out they probably know of a good shop in Montreal.


I'm in Montreal and ride a RC5+ and am told this eBike store is good although I have not been there myself yet:

V?lo Branch? par Quilicot
4801 Avenue Papineau
Montr?al, QC H2H 1V7


Enlever la roue c'est facile. Ca prend un hex pour deviser le garde boue et un gros cle Anglais pour liberer la roue. Aussi il ya un petit ziptie sur la cable electric du moteur, tu dois la couper et remplacer apres.

ATTN!: Quand tu sors la roue du frame il ya deux washers sur le skewer. Ils vont a l'interieur de tes dropouts donc tu dois faire attention ne pas perdre les washer quand to sors la roue. Je l'ai fait 5 fois cet semaine parce que mon pneu est magane alors je dois reparer des flats quaisment tous les jours. C'est un job facile.

Il ya un bike shop sur Papineau pres du Ontario. J'ai juste ete pour acheter des pieces mais le gars ete sympatik. Essaye les. Cycle Ethan c'est un mecano mobile sur la rive sud il va a Montreal aussi, c'est un gars super nice il a arrange la bicyk de ma fillette.


Hi, thanks for your replies, I finally took the bull by the horns and did it myself.  It's not that hard in the end, and I am glad I am not the onyl one having had to fix multiple punctures on the back wheel (I noticed a lot of broken botttles on the cycle lanes, I wonder if this is a trend perpetuated by cyclist haters...).  I might have to take it to the shop anyways, as the derailleur needs tweaking, and the motor started straggering after I got splashed by a car (I might, again, give it a go myself, but I live on the 3rd floor of a triplex and having to remove pretty much all the components to have this done is a drag...).  I am a little disappointed how much more work an ebike needs compared to a traditional one.  My previous bike last me 25 years, and I had it serviced 5 times... Just for the punctures, that's the 20th I had in a whole year...maintenant is almost becoming a full time job :( I am actually thinking of getting a traditional one to use when the weather isn't nice enough to use my ebike. :-\


Make sure the plug to the motor is pushed in all the way. You can also put some dielectric grease on there and then wrap electrical tape around the connection to keep water out.