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Project Rad Wagon

Started by klurejr, January 31, 2023, 03:03:00 PM

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Quote from: Ddaybc on May 15, 2023, 11:42:57 AM
That's a nice looking colour.

Thank you, hoping to have time to test a clear coat on it this week and get the painting done so I can work on rebuilding it.


Had the local shop press in the headset and re-install the Bottom Bracket.

Had some time when I got home and started rebuilding.


Just finished up at the RAD store in Imperial Beach, taking an extended lunch break....

$992 out the door for the remaining parts.

Battery alone was $549.... dang.

So all in this will cost me about what a used one would be, but this one has a brand new battery and a cool story.

I plan to get it finished up this week as we have plans to use it next week while at a convention.

I am really stoked for my wife to start riding it so she can supplement her indoor trainer for real outside riding and hopefully get hooked on the speed and want to ride bikes more often.


Very cool. I like the color you choose. It looks excellent.


It's DONE!

I got the bike back up and running and did a test ride with the kids on Saturday.

The cadence sensor was installed in the wrong spot so I had to mount the controller upside down for the Cable to reach. I really like how the blue Brake Cables turned out and eventually we will have more blue accents on the bike.

Everything works great and the motor pulls strong.

Here are some pics


Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


So i have put about 5 or 6 miles on the rad wagon since getting it operational. Found that the brake cables have stretched pretty quick so this evening i adjusted them to give the barrel adjusters some room for further stretch. The chain felt sloppy so i took 2 links out and did a full adjustment on the derailleur. Also saw another rad wagon at the park over the weekend and took pictures of his cable routing for the rear motor and made some adjustments there. Locked down the throttle as it was loose.

I think she is all dialed in now, but i still need to go for another shakedown ride.

My buddy told me to take an old wire hanger and make a tool for holding the chain together and i have no idea why i did not think about this way earlier.

Overall i am really liking this bike. It sucks in the dirt as it bounces hard with the tiny tires and zero suspension and the center stand rattles on bumps. But it is great on the street and running arojnd at 20+ mph with so little effort is a Joy.


Congratulations on your successful rebuild. I like the blue cables. Nice.


Quote from: Ddaybc on June 14, 2023, 02:55:06 PM
Congratulations on your successful rebuild. I like the blue cables. Nice.


We plan to put a few other blue accents on it over time, cup holder, bottle cage, etc.


looks much better than stock colors.