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Brakes interferring with power

Started by RobertHill, January 25, 2023, 09:22:00 AM

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Came in to a recent issue that any time I brake with either side my throttle/PAS stop working. The right brake stops it as usual and the brake light turns on when I hit it, when released it is on for a very short time then turns off. The left brake turns on the brake light but it stays on for a solid 10-12 seconds, closer to the lower end most time, and from there my throttle/PAS is off. From there it is as if my bike thinks either brake is on until I reset the bike, and then the problem persists as above.

The bike is a RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike bought back in April and has a little over 1500 miles on it. My current fix is to unplug the sensors on the front of the bike connecting to the levers. When either is plugged in the problem comes back, unplugging the tail light does nothing to the issue. The issue is more consistent when it is rainy or wet snow is about where sometimes I don't have to restart my bike to get throttle/PAS back.

Other behavior from the bike to note is when the issue arises the throttle will start to turn the wheel to 1.5mph, but shows no watts going to the motor and cuts in and out. I can hear it doing the same as I pedal with PAS on but it never shows power going I can just hear it trying to start.

I am asking if this is a replace something, or if there is something else I need to check. I haven't checked the main connection point on the bottom of the bike as I am waiting for it to dry and need to clean it first. That or if it is the multi-connector in front of the bike that might be the issue.


So, the motor cutting out is normal. Are the brakes returning to their normal position when you release them? Does it feel like the cable is stiff in the cover?
(i.e. does it move freely?) A squirt of WD40 down from the lever, up the cable might free it out a bit.


Yeah, it seems when I ate it at one point one of the sensor cables got knocked into an angle. Took me a few tweaks but I seemed to have fixed it.

Thank you for your reply, and will clean my levers as well. Winter is not kind to bikes.