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bolt-on skewer

Started by handlebar, January 22, 2023, 09:53:58 PM

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Yesterday, I was mounting my Radmission when I noticed a wobble on the front end. After 350 miles, my QR had loosened. That was dangerous. I was sure I had mounted it properly, as I had on my Radrunner, which I rode daily for nearly 2 years.

Lots of experienced riders have had front QRs loosen. Some have been badly injured. A helmet didn't keep one rider from being paralyzed when his wheel came off.

A German study published in 1960 showed that the most common cause of unscrewing is back-and-forth transverse sliding. A QR mounts in slots, and the short cam lever may not clamp it tightly enough to insure against a bit of sliding from disk braking or bumps. That seems to be why mine loosened.

The QR was invented in 1927, when a racer had to stop and reverse the back wheel in order to change sprockets for different gearing. Otherwise, the conventional axle, secured by a wrench on each side, is better. QRs took over because they are slightly cheaper to produce.

There are retrofit solid axles, but an upgrade may not fit my hub. There are also bolt-on skewers, using nuts at both ends instead of a cam. They are marketed to prevent the casual theft of wheels but also allow more clamping force, which could prevent loosening.

Has anyone here tried a bolt-on skewer?


I am also looking for a quality replacement for the front QR skewer on a radrunner+. This was a known problem when mountain bikes went to disk brakes and Rad really should use through axles on their front forks.


Things were safer back when people used rim brakes because of the physics of it.  Disk brakes, in the current configuration, tend to pull the wheel out and off the fork if the skewer is loose.

My Mini ST2 has a rim around the skewer preventing the wheel from coming off if the skewer is slightly loose.  It seems a good compromise for me - with the added convenience that it is easier to fix a wheel. But you have to check it from time to time. And you can change to a bolt if you want.

I think through axles are too expensive in this price range and I don't want to pay for it.  The rest of the rad bike is of sturdy servicable quality - and I don't blame them because of the low price.  It works well for its time and price range.  Through axles will drive the price up and also make the parts more proprietary and less interchangeable with standard parts.  Parts get cheaper and cheaper (e.g., disc brakes) so maybe eventually we will get it.


This axle was recommended to me by somebody here on the forum as the correct fit for my Mini ST2's front axle (even though it's labeled as a back axle - due to length?):

Perhaps somebody here can update if the Runner+ would also use this size.

I've been too lazy to install it yet, but it seems well-made and isn't terribly expensive.

FYI, guys.
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