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Safety Notice regarding your RadWagon 4

Started by RadMig, January 19, 2023, 01:59:34 AM

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Update January 2023 I was sent two emails from the company's customer service. The first one is announcing the shipping of the replacement tire and tubes which I should have here in the next day or two. And the second email that I got just this morning direct me to a local bike shop for free warranty appointment. I am down here in sunny Central Florida between Mickey mouse and the buccaneers. My assigned bike repair shop looks like it's a mobile service and so that's good. Will update again in the next week or so to let you know. However like the previous post I have not been riding this bike since the safety recall went out. So I too am looking forward to being able to ride a bike I've been paying for for nearly 6 months. Hang in there kids it looks like the company is making good on their promise to take care of this concern.


I just got the email for shipping of the replacement tire kit. Still hasn't shipped. I'm in California. It will be interesting to see what the new tires look like and how quickly they arrive. 

I've been riding my bicycle the whole time and now have about 1750 miles on it. Hopefully I can find a local shop for the replacement. I can easily replace the front tire myself, but I don't really want all the hassle of removing the rear tire.


Quote from: BeachWagon on January 21, 2023, 01:59:29 PM
I can easily replace the front tire myself, but I don't really want all the hassle of removing the rear tire.

Replacing the rear tire is not that hard. Put the bike upside down. Pulling the wheel out is easy and when putting it back in let gravity do the job for you. I just replaced both tires on my RW3. I have a piece of old carpet in my garage which I use for these kind of bike services.


Good to know, Harhir.

I'll probably change out the tires myself. It's a little more work than just replacing a tube, but not a lot more. And best to practice removing my rear wheel in the garage than on the side of the road.

My replacement tire delivery was delayed, but I've gotten an update that shows the delivery carrier actually has them.

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