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Towing with Radrunner Plus

Started by hsnewman, January 10, 2023, 01:53:39 PM

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I hope to buy a 45 lb kayak and tow it with a cart behind my Radrunner Plus.  What is the towing capacity of the bike?  Tongue weight maximum? 

Is there concerns on how long my kayak is?

Has anyone done this?



Different bike and cargo - I have a Rad Rover 5 that I just towed a Schwinn trailer with about 70 - 80 pounds of gear in it on a 260 mile trip across Missouri. No issues (other than reduced battery life due to all the extra weight). It was much better/easier than the way I used to do it in the front and rear baskets. I did buy the axle extender from the Robert Axle Project to secure it better.