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Clicking in Rad 6 plus handle bar stem

Started by Lozza1981, December 28, 2022, 06:29:53 AM

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Hey folks .. new owner on Rad 6 Plus and having a couple issues ..
1. Clicking inside the stem of the handle bar on each turn left and right either side
2. Slushy brakes (been told that i need to bleed and repressurize hydraulic system)

I'm ok with getting the brakes done but any suggestions on the clicking in the stem of the handle bar.
I'm located in the north eastern Caribbean on a small island so it's difficult to get to a dedicated ebike mechanic ... any help / advice would be much appreciated!! 


Hi, and welcome to the forums! Clicking or creaking of the handle bars is usually from the stem faceplate that clamps onto the handlebars, or the connection between the stem and the steering tube. Make sure the faceplate has a gap at all four corners so that the faceplate is not actually touching the stem. If the faceplate is touching the stem at one or more corners, it means the clamping forces are uneven. To correct this, you'll need to remove the display to get it out of the way, remove the faceplate, clean the handlebar, faceplate, and stem mating surfaces, and reassemble. The faceplate should be installed so that there is an even gap at all four corners, then tighten each bolt, alternating in an "x" pattern until all four are tightened to 10 nm of torque.

If this does not correct the issue, then you should remove the stem from the steerer tube, clean the surfaces, and reassemble. Be careful with the stem, as some of the inside edges may be sharp. After the top screw in the cap is adjusted for proper steerer tube bearing tension, tighten the main horizontal stem bolts to 15 nm of torque, alternating between the upper and lower bolt evenly.

If the problem persists, then contact Rad, and they may send you a new stem to rule out any hidden manufacturing defect.

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