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Stock headlight failed, not buying their to remove and cap?

Started by Karma, December 13, 2022, 01:38:38 PM

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Owned my RR2 for 3 months, used the headlight maybe 4 times and its dead already.  CSR wanted me to jump through hoops for them to send me another junk piece, i declined.

I have a very good rechargeable and bright LED light and want to permanently remove the Rad headlight.  What to do about the cable though?  Is there a way to remove it?  or Cap it off?  Any advice?  Thanks!


Like you, I added a much-better rechargeable light to my handlebar for both day and night use, but I kept the pretty-crappy stock light as an emergency backup if the rechargeable fails in the dark.  Plenty of people here have installed light bars and other improvements, so maybe hit the classified section to see if you can round up an inexpensive replacement instead of just cutting off the wire.
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yeah i've been arguing with Rad CSR's for two weeks over this.  They keep pushing me to buy their garbage lights.  I spelled it out for them and also reminded them that their faulty lights have been faulty since 2016 and they haven't improved them at all.  they didn't have much to say about that.  i got a senior engineer on the line once and he said to use this special glue to cap it off.  I may just buy another light from a different manufacturer.  Seems a lot of Rad's parts fail pretty quickly....