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Been tied up with things...

Started by Altema, December 11, 2022, 07:40:43 AM

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I have not been on as regularly thinks to things being a bit busy. Our landlord decided to sell our house so we are looking for someplace to move to, and I finally got a job I can love, but it took crash courses and cramming to knock out all the requirements. Still trying to clean out my brother's house and deal with that as well, so it has not left me with much spare time.

The RadMini has been fun and fine, but it's dark when I get home, so rides are limited. I leave my batteries at storage charge levels, and charge them the rest of the way when I know I'm going to ride. Last night I decided to have some fun, loaded two of the high amperage batteries, and turned up the power. It was a hoot, and hopefully I'll get some more riding in before any serious snow lands.