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Lcd display for RR1

Started by matthiastourlousse, December 09, 2022, 11:45:12 AM

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Hi all

Th eggrider for EU version RR1 is out of stock.

Rad is having sales of the lcd display ( mine is the basix display).

Could an upgraded lcd display  from
Rad allow me to override factory settings and achieve same results as an eggrider in terms of torque and speed upgrade?


The Rad display will allow you to "unlock" a little speed, but it's only a few MPH, and it won't improve the torque.


As Altema mentioned, the stock Rad display upgrade will not give you any added power/torque so for $100 it's not really worth the price. When it's 50% off like it currently is.. it's a bit harder to say if I feel that it's worth it.

In the US, the display only lets you "unlock" from 32kph to a top speed of around 40kph, but I haven't heard if the EU version will let you unlock from the 25kph limit up to 40kph or what it tops at. Anyone know for sure?

Personally, I'd wait for the Eggrider to come back in stock or do the full display/35amp upgrade (but that would be a big jump in price). All versions of the eggrider were out of stock for quite a while but the Bafang version is now showing that it's available, so maybe the other units will be back soon too? Here's hoping. 🤞