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New Rad Model Coming 12/6

Started by Ryan, December 01, 2022, 08:50:07 AM

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Rad just sent an email about a new model coming 12/6/22. What do you think it might be? Hard to tell by the attachment image.


Looks like some sort of stepthru frame with pullback bars?  A MiniST 3, maybe?
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


I'm curious as well. I sold my 'Runner and now miss it. I just don't think my wife would like the high passenger pegs on a RadRunner Plus. So I'm holding out till the big reveal! What's your wish list? Mine:  Low passenger pegs, true 750watt motor (or higher?) and possible dual battery option!

Radio Runner

If its truly the "most requested" then we should have seen it posted here more than 100 times.

Probably not a tandem but maybe a trike.


Looks like a trike - 2 rear fenders look like they are peaking out in the picture. 

Someone on a Reddit thread said it is a trike and that they had ridden one in the testing phase.  Their comments were that they popped it up on two wheels a number of times when turning corners - they weren't impressed.  We'll have to see. 

Hopefully it doesn't have exploding tires or batteries that short in the wind. . .


I can't tell what the bike is from the pictures as the whole thing is mostly just black. However, I would LOVE to see a RW with 20 inch tires so we're not stuck with one off type tires.


Totally agree - no more proprietary tires.

<added> I see a picture here


I'm definitely thinking Trike - a more consumer friendly version of the RadBurro....


Interesting that it is a trike. I wonder if it has a differential or if pedaling only drives one rear wheel like some current trikes.



We did an unboxing you can check out here:

Full review out within the next day or two. Let me know if anyone has questions and I'll do my best to answer them  8)


Thanks for the link.  I do see a second bike in the future for me.  A trike may not be so bad if I want to take a "non-bicyclist" with me for a ride. Some people can ride a bike - but for whatever reason, is still intimidated riding longer distance like 2 miles even on an easy bike path.  This can be like driving a car.  I can put in a basket and carry a dog.  I currently have a bike dog trailer but this is interesting.

Interesting.  I wonder what the buying strategy would be - one might want to buy it right away.  Remember the Expand? It came with a low introductory price to get good reviews and then without warning Rad raised the price.  Of course, there is the cautious approach of waiting and seeing other people's report.

I am concerned about the tires described as "Exclusive Rad Power Bikes by Kenda Kontact 18" x 2.25", K-Shield puncture-resistant liner."  Does Amazon sell a 18 inch by 2.25 tire? Or is Rad the only source?

I can't tell if it has a differential.  Now that I think about this concept, if I had one, I'll probably just pedal to keep in shape and use mostly electric assist so maybe the differential is not important.

I am interested in what happens if the trike hits a speed bump at speed.  What happens if you hit it at an angle?  What happens if you are riding on a decent speed on a cement path and one wheel goes off road, drops an inch and hits the grass?

I prefer a lower handlebar. I suppose it is not so bad because I can replace the handlebar with a flat bar.



The owner's manual is available for download and viewing on Rad's webpage.

Not a bad-looking bike but it is capped at 14mph out of the box.

My guess is that this Trike is aimed at the disabled and seniors as a scooter alternative and not at the biking community at large. ( but this is just my opinion)


Quote from: Si1Dia on December 06, 2022, 08:41:29 AM
My guess is that this Trike is aimed at the disabled and seniors as a scooter alternative and not at the biking community at large. ( but this is just my opinion)