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Cruise control

Started by philsharyn, November 30, 2022, 06:47:13 PM

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If only the radover6 plus had cruise control.

I love my bike. But my with work commute, I just want to throttle all the way there. However, after awhile my hand hurts, twisting throttle so much.

If only there was a cruise control at full throttle, it would make this bike complete.

Any thoughts?


you could get one of those attachments that allow you to use your thumb.

personally, i wouldn't want cruise control on my bike - it can make you be less attentive, and on your bike, that can get you killed.


Check one of these out,       You can set it up and use the palm of your hand instead of your thumb, if your thumb gets sore.


try searching for motorcycle cruise controls.  I have not used any of these but it might work.

Here is a link for reviews of 2 different controls.

here is a link on Amazon.

Radio Runner

put some zip ties on the throttle part, the connection part is something to rest the weight of your palm on and helps turn it alot more than grip and twist the whole time.


I had one of those locking cruise control devices on my Honda 750 cause my hands would get tired and it allowed me to stretch out my arms when needed.  It disengaged one day when I was shaking out my right hand and the deceleration almost made me lose control.  Last time I used it.  I guess if you keep both hands on the bars and the motor cut-off works on the brakes it would not be too dangerous. 
Can't you just use PAS 5 and ghost pedal to keep the blood flowing in your legs without putting in any effort?


You can use a throttle rest like the one below, but you may need to adjust the size to fit.

You can turn it to a good position, and just the weight of your hand holds it in place.

If you want actual cruise control, you'll need to swap your controller for that feature. The 35amp controllers from Area 13 and Electro Bike World both have built in cruise control which works very well, but does not like it if you pedal. Phaserunners have cruise control, but it does not work well unless you change your throttle control mode to "speed" and make some adjustments. On the good side, the Phaserunner cruise control meshes perfectly with your pedaling, unlike the 35amp controller. I disable my cruise control in the settings, and just turn it on when I know I'm going to intentionally use it. When you are using it though, it's a joy to relax your hands and arms, or even go without hands if it is safe to do so. Touching the mode switch, throttle, or brake levers instantly turns it off.