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Multiple discount codes ?

Started by Supershakal, November 29, 2022, 11:46:19 PM

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Hello everyone ! I am new here, and I hope I don?t mess with the forum rules with this question .
I just bought a radpower bike ( radrhino 6 plus st, European version of the rad rover ) . I gave my sponsorship code to a couple of people and I wondered if the discount codes I will be receiving will be usable on the same order ?
The discount codes are 50? each but the transportation is also 50? so if I can only use one that?s kind of a bummer 😅
Thank very much if you can answer me .
I will be reading you guys a lot in the next months I think .


Policies may vary depending on region; I think your best option is to just call your customer-service number and ask that question of a support rep.  Even better might be an email to their support team, so you have their answer in writing should you need it in the future.

In the USA, my experience with Rad support has been excellent in the past, so I'm betting you can combine your discount codes.  If you remember this thread, please let us know what they say!
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Finally the shipment was not 50? but 10( it was a bug ). So the 50? vouchers are much more interesting !

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I think in the U.S., a coupon is not stackable and only one coupon can be used per product.  There is usually some fine print, if not on the coupon it would be in a webpage referred to by the coupon.  Or there can be a blanket policy for the store that only one coupon can be used.

Otherwise, you can just use multiple coupons/discounts on the same product.  A 10% off coupon will allow you to buy at 90%.  Use 2 coupons and the price will go to 81%.  And so on, and so on. If you use enough, the product can go down to $1. So it is clear there is no stacking the same coupon, or use more than one of the same coupon.

Or if you use a $5 off coupon on a $1 item, the store ends up owing you $4.

To avoid these scenarios, there is usually some legal fine print somewhere. I am also thinking there may be some law. Otherwise, one misprint and a company will go out of business and lots of people will be out of a job. :) I am not talking about the legality of any of this - you have to consult a lawyer.

However, sometimes a promotional campaign may allow stacking - it is the rare exception. But you can ask.