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My New Radcity 4 first 35KM

Started by caissiel, November 24, 2022, 11:53:59 AM

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I received my new Radcity 4 on Monday Nov 21th. My very first ride was up a 10+% uphill ride to test the true power of my bike. 
Here in Canada I am limited to 500 watts and the rest is man power.
The hill goes well on gear 6 for me and able to keep 23KPH. And the downhill kept at 30 KM using the regenerative brakes in spurts as the bike slows right down.
That day I tried the hill in different situation thus keeping my speed at 23KPH  and on gear 6.  and that works for me everytime.

The next day i went the same direction on different gear and with added smaller hills all the way for a 6 KM return trip. and realised with PAS on 5 and pedaling with comfort effort i averaged 28KPH.  realizing that regen does work in the small hills also and even just slowing down the paddles it does not pick up speed. nature of the Direct Drive Motor.

Well the  same afternoon I proceeded to do more experience and and set my top speed to 28KPH because my average before was exactly that. And took off for the same hilly route and drove to my top speed of 27 - 28 KPH and noticed it was like a speed control in a way but did notice the wattage dropping beginning at 27KPH to 146W and on the zero at 29KPM. going downhill the bike is no harder to pedal but stays at controlled speed and no wattage required. 

This morning I again took the same drive and did some more observations. the 3rd battery Bar showed up as I was approaching a downgrade and proceeded downhill twice in 2 different hills the 4th bar came on while the bike was over its set top limit of 28KPH.   

Now this opens up a complete set of scenarios I have never read about.  Is it possible the motor switches to regenerating status when the limit is reached as its the process when applying the brakes.   Looking at the battery bars it felt as if the voltage gained while i was going downhill.
I have 35 Kilometer on the battery and did the same long hill on full power 6 times and I just hit the 3rd Bar.  I always drive with the lights on with the rear light flashing.