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Safety First Means New Brake Pads NOT New Shoes!

Started by Ride2YouBend, November 18, 2022, 06:50:40 PM

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Hello Everyone from the Ride 2 You Bike Shop in Bend Oregon!

We work on Rad bikes every day.  The #1 teachable moment for all new/young riders is to learn about safety first.

Most experienced drivers and riders know well that parts wear down and parts can fail.  Knowing about such topics and teaching them to newer drivers and riders is crucial.

The #1 issue we see from young riders is faulty brakes.  Whether from shoddy adjustments or manipulation along the way or from simple wear of the pads, we see many bikes come in to our shop with much needed maintenance on their brakes.

We have so many bikes arrive with hardly any brake grab at all that we often ask to see the soles of the young riders shoes.  Invariably the soles are smooth and worn.  Why?  The individual in question didn?t want to tell their parents that the bike didn?t work properly. 

Teach these newer/younger riders that wear and maintenance are normal and expected.  Let them know that it?s much better to buy new brake pads instead of new shoes!

All the best to everyone on this forum from Ride 2 You!