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Radmini4 rotor size and thickess, hydraulic brakes

Started by reggy, November 18, 2022, 09:59:33 AM

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Looking to start upgrading my brakes. Still have cable brakes, was thinking to start with the rotor upgrade first. Then go full hydraulic if rotors are not enough.

1. What is the biggest rotors the radmini4 can handle, i.e. diamater and thickness.

2. What are option for full hydraulic brakes?



Your plan will definitely get you superior braking performance.

You might want to look at the Juin hybrid hydraulic brake calipers. I put them on my 2018 RAD Mini, and very happy with the performance. You can do the entire upgrade for about $150 (prices have increased a bit). The full upgrade you're looking at with larger rotors will cost a few hundred $'s.  Good luck with it and let us know how your upgrade works out! 

My review on hybrid hydraulic upgrade is here:,1977.msg21333.html#msg21333

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