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6'6" Guy - RadCity5 Plus Fit Me?

Started by Saxbusker, November 18, 2022, 09:43:34 AM

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Hi; first post here.

I'm 6'6", 64, a longtime cyclist, trying to find an eBike that will fit me.  Mainly "arms & legs," (37.5" inseam and arms).

I am looking at the RadCity 5 Plus, also Aventon Level 2 and Ride1Up 700 or Prodigy.

Any 6'6" cats successfully use a RadCity 5 Plus?  Any mods (stem, seatpost, etc.) needed?  Is the 15" reach enough with the more upright posture than the other bikes listed here?

BTW I have a 1987 Schwinn Tempo made for a 6'4" guy - I can ride it for about one hour before I get really sore...


- Jeff

Radding Along

Jeff - Either City 5+ model (Step thru or high step) will fit you. Both models have an adjustable handlebar, allowing you to increase the height an inch or two. You will need to buy a 400mm seatpost so you can raise the seat high enough to suit your long legs.  They are around $12 on Amazon.


Or just go ahead and buy a Urtopia Carbon 1/1s, city cruiser and mountain bike.

Urtopia Carbon 1/1s is a very good choice for $2000-ish carbon fiber ebikes, very light bike body (~35lbs) and stylish design.

Also, use coupon code ZACK650 to receive $650 off MSRP.

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