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handlebar mount of front headlight, now modified for safety purposes

Started by ShoreBuck, November 18, 2022, 07:40:18 AM

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I really like my Rad Mission bike, but I had a fall recently - just suffered a few scrapes, nothing serious.

It was dark and I reached forward to adjust the headlight.  When I did, the headlight came off, and because of how it was mounted, clamped in the (lower 2) handlebar clamp bolts, the handlebar was no longer clamped tightly, and the handlebar rotated 180 degrees and cause me to lose control and I crashed.

I now have the headlight attached by plastic cable ties, so that the lower 2 handlebar clamping bolts are no longer holding up the headlight mount assembly.


That is kinda scary.  Making me rethink leaving mine mounted there.

I can feel your pain. Recently ended up in a canal after reaching in the front rack bag and losing control.