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LCD Display Upgrade, change settings?

Started by Ratatosk, November 08, 2022, 08:40:32 AM

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Question! I?ve just bought a LCD Display Upgrade directly from RadBikes for my RadMission (EU-version) to remove the 25km/h lock.

Unfortunately it seems that this alternative is removed in the setup menu. Does anyone know if there is any other way to control this?

Or should I return the display. It seems that the only three options in the settings menu is choosing 1) wheel size 2) screen brightness and 3) kph/mph.


Rad is out of these so I tried a couple of aftermarket Speedo?s, both worked fine till you powered bike up, than they just went to 0,   anyone find one that works with the mission.  Thanks


Looks like they must have took it out on the EU version my US version (both of) I got last month it was setting 2 but I also have 4 settings and you only have 3  so your 2 and 3 is my 3 and 4.