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Anybody else have trouble with LCD switch pad?

Started by handlebar, November 02, 2022, 01:07:11 PM

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I got the Bolton upgrade for my Radrunner 20 months ago and never had any trouble with the switch pad. I got the Radpower display upgrade for my Radmission a couple of weeks ago. I've had lots of trouble. I've failed to shift several times in a row and sometimes failed to shut the unit off.

The buttons are as wide as Bolton's, but they aren't as tall and they're closer together. In view of the size of a man's thumb pad, depressing two instead of one might sometimes be the problem.

I think a bigger problem is that while the Bolton buttons stand out from the plastic face, the Radpower buttons seem to be flush with their borders. I think if my thumb isn't quite centered, when I think I'm depressing the button, I'm just squishing my thumb against the rigid border.

I had a watch like that. The tiny stopwatch buttons were flush with the case. I'd have to look to get my thumb on a button. Then, when I pushed, I might or might not depress it far enough to start or stop the stopwatch. I fixed that by using a toothpick to apply a drop of J B Weld to the button. After that, I could feel where the button was, and it worked every time I pushed it.

I think it's time for J B Weld. I'd like to remove the buttons so that creeping epoxy won't get into the works. It seems to be held together by three crosshead screws, but two are inaccessible. How did they do it that way? Why? Have you taken one apart?