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Radwagon Legacy Caboose/Conestoga

Started by jimbobillybob, October 30, 2022, 09:42:26 PM

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I recently purchased an aftermarket caboose sold by SuperKnuckle. It is essentially Yuba MonkeyBars with extra holes drilled to allow fitment to the legacy frame. They mounted on perfectly using the bolts from the deck, without the deck in place. I live in Portland and was able to pick it up directly. In anticipation of the rain, I was looking for a cover that would fit the Yuba MonkeyBars. Unfortunately Yuba was sold out. I took a risk and purchased RadPower Conestoga. I figured I would see what could be done to fit the Conestoga to the Yuba MonkeyBars. Plus I was hesitant on riding the RadWagon with a Yuba labeled cover,  ::)
When I held up the Conestoga to the MonkeyBars, the mounting holes were very close to lining up to the outer ends of the MonkeyBar frames. The MonkeyBars are actually not as wide and not as long as the Conestoga frame. Fortunately the Conestoga legs has a some amount of play on it to line up with the MonkeyBars. The MonkeyBars are hollow with the ends covered with plastic caps. With some knowledge of bar ends from motorcycling I started to look for options in that realm.
I was able to find and buy a Cycra Power Grip Bar End Set x2. They are bolt/sleeve/nut system. The sleeve expands as the bolt is tightened. The sleeve then grabs the inner part of the hollow bar, locking it into place.

Installation: I took off the MonkeyBars and actually turned the mounts. The holes on the mounts are biased to one side. This allowed for about 1.5" of more space in the cargo area. I removed the caps from the MonkeyBars. The supplied bolt from Cycra is a little thick for the Conestoga frame eyelet. It would not slide on. I threaded the bolt through the Conestoga eyelet, essentially widening the eyelet. Once the bolt was on, I chose the smaller Cycra sleeve for the front and the larger sleeve for the rear. Like I mentioned earlier the alignment is not perfect but the play on the legs of the Conestoga allows for a good fit.

I will post pics soon. Unfortunately I did not take pics during installation.

You can buy the MonkeyBars direct from Yuba and drill appropriate mounting holes.
One drawback of the MonkeyBars is that only ONE Yepp Maxi seat can be used. The front mount of the MonkeyBars does not allow for a Yepp Maxi to be installed. Maybe the plastic leg protectors of the Maxi can be trimmed to fit, NOT SURE.


After doing a little more research while I was waiting for the CYCRA POWER GRIP BAR END SETs to arrive, I found another possible option. I could have used a Metal Star Insert or Star Fangled nuts ( each of the open ends. Two different sizes would be needed because the MonkeyBars frame in the front is 3/4" OD and the rear is 1"OD. The metal star insert has a cap. I probably would use a 1/2" or 3/4" spacer between the Conestoga eyelet and metal star insert for better alignment. The metal star insert is really cheap but with shipping and other hardware it ends up to be pretty close in cost. Plus pressing those inserts in could be a pain.

I am happy with my setup and how the Cycra Power Grip Bar End Set worked out. I took my kids out for a ride and they really liked it. But it was not raining today. ;D  Hope this helps fellow Radwagon Legacy Owners looking for a cover.


Hi !  I am in WA state and just found this.  Been looking for a caboose for my legacy Radwagon for years.  Godsend!  So, Oct 2022 is still kinda recent.  Is Superknuckle still in Business?  Do you have a phone number for them?  Not listed on their website.  Photos/video walk around would be awesome to share. 


Hi xxbradxx,

Superknuckle operates out of Sellwood Cycle Repair 7953 SE 13th Ave. Portland

My try calling them: 503-233-9392

The person that runs superknuckle is named Pace.

I?ll try and get you some pictures. I am out of town and away from the bike at the moment.


Any photos or updates?!?!?!  I'm really curious.  I just ordered the Monkeybars for my legacy and would love to do the same thing with the Conestoga.  Thanks!



I just purchased the Yuba monkey bars and am looking to do the same things.  Any pics to see the set up?  I don't think I'm as handy as you so I might need a little guidance.  :)