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Adding large platform to front of RadCity causes front suspension to bottom out

Started by jsawyer, October 27, 2022, 01:49:01 PM

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I added the large platform to the front of my RadCity 5 Plus, and now it's pretty easy to bottom out the front suspension, even with no cargo on the platform. Just going over a speed bump in the road will result in an audible "clang" from the front of the bike. I've turned up the suspension preload setting to max, but it doesn't seem to change much.

I thought I had a defective front suspension fork, but I showed the bike to two bike mechanics locally, and they think that the bike is just not fundamentally designed for the extra weight of the large platform and front rack (required for the large platform).

Anyone else having this problem? If not, maybe I do have a marginal front suspension fork.  If so, how did you address it?

At this point I think I may need to resign myself to using the lockout if I want to haul any cargo up front.


Interesting. I just ordered the front rack but haven?t recieved it yet.
I did Howeber notice the suspension is nearly bottomed out with me on the bike. I just lightly press down on the handle
Bars and it bottoms out. I weigh 220.
Is this ok?


Have you tried adjusting the suspension fork to make it stiffer?  Had the same issue after my wife put on the front basket, but was able to adjust the fork to handle it.

There is a guide on Rad?s site on adjusting it.

[Edit:  Oops. Missed that you had already adjusted it.  Weird that it would still bottom out. ]