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Radrunner 2 no PAS, throttle works though

Started by mushroom, October 23, 2022, 08:31:46 AM

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Picked up a radrunner 2 cheap yesterday with problems.
It had had it's battery replaced as the original was stolen and the controller had been butchered to strip the battery connection back to fit an XT60 connector to it.
The seller said his son had ridden the bike in the rain the previous night and blown the controller.
I got the bike home and collected an XT60 male to Rad female adaptor from Big Game Bikes so I could use an old radmini controller I had knocking about.
Plugged it all in this morning and the throttle works but I'm getting no PAS.
I know the controller worked ok on my radmini 4 before (except it had error 25 and I just uplugged the back light to make it work)
The PAS LED is flashing as the crank turns so I'm guessing that's still ok
Any ideas ? I've left the brake lever electrical cables disconnected as ones missing could that be the problem ? 


OK it wasn't related to the brake levers
It was the PAS sensor
Replaced with a KT-V12L and all working again