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Suspension Fork

Started by chachivoodoo, October 22, 2022, 09:21:29 AM

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I was able to weld an extension onto the steering tube of a suspension fork and mount it on my RadWagon4. It is night and day for the ride quality.  No more jarring hits!

The fork is for a 26? wheel- so it choppers it out a bit.

I?m building a 20? wheel suspension fork next week.

Anyone interested in getting this setup for their bike?


Curious what you used for the extension piece? What is the fork model/specs?

And post any details and photos of the build with the 20" whenever you get around to it, curious to see how you managed that!


I used a donor section of equal size and material from another steering tube.

The 20? fork is coming tomorrow. 

Hopefully have it built by the weekend.

I?ll do a better job documenting the build this time- in case anyone wanted to replicate the process.

I can?t believe I waited this long to correct the problem with this stiff fork and SUPER rigid CHASSIS.

The bike is now completely comfortable to ride.