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handlebar riser for Radmission

Started by handlebar, October 17, 2022, 06:21:32 PM

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I tried installing the handlebar  riser again by tightening the center screw first and then tightening the riser screws. It still has play. I even put a couple spacers on top of the top riser before putting in the center screw to ensure it wasn't hitting the fork tube and still couldnt get the play out. I then took it apart and put back on the original riser and it works perfect with no play. Very odd.  This is the one I'm using. I'm going to return it and maybe try the delta riser.

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So ended up with the Delta riser. I should have bought this from the start based on previous advice, but I tried to go the less expensive route first ($12 vs $40).  It works perfect and it raises up my handlebars quite a bit.

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