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Do not use Tannus Armour on high speed e-bikes

Started by Altema, October 16, 2022, 07:34:46 PM

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Quote from: Altema on October 16, 2022, 07:34:46 PM
I had to come face to face with reality. It's been many years since I've had a flat, and that includes 3000 miles on my RadMini with no flats. Then I installed Tannus Armour, and I've had SIX flats due to tube failures. I took the Tanus Armour liners out, and stopped having flats. The last group ride was also the last straw, with two flats on the same ride. A clue to what is going on came in the form of finding shredded rubber inside the tire. The Tannus Armour liners create internal friction, and the friction apparently causes failure of the tube. In addition to emptying a handful of shredded rubber, the liner has rubber bits melted into it, and my tire was worn down to the bare cords on the INSIDE . The heavier the load and the faster the speed, the more internal friction is generated and the quicker the tube fails. My last tube only lasted 6 miles.

Below are photos of the inside of a tire without Tannus Armour, and one tire that was used with Tannus Armour.

Just a word of warning.

The only problem that I'm aware of with the tannus system is when I've run 4" tires in the snow and dropped the psi down low enough for a better grip but that allowed the inner tube to slide inside the tire, putting too much potential wear on where the tube exit the tire rim. I caught the problem before anything happened because I noticed the tire stems were starting to bend at an angle.
I've run a RR 1 Step thru with the usual Bolton upgrades, dual batteries, thud buster suspension, electric pump & RR tool kit, wooden lockbox on the back and so am fully loaded but in 2 1/2 of year round riding (often at maximum speed) I've never had so much as a flat. In fact even though I've replaced my tires, my inner tubes are the bike's original ones.