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My modified radrunner plus

Started by Woltersen, October 16, 2022, 05:42:38 AM

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Here's my pride and joy: Radrunner Plus bought in January of 2021 with a few upgrades:

- Brooks Cambrium C17 saddle
- Suspension seatpost
- Magura MT5e Hydraulic brakes
- Large crate (RAD)
- Knaap ebike headlight (1200 lumen)
- Motorbike headlight mount

Not yet installed, waiting for motor extension cable:

- 30A sinewave controller + KT-LCD8S display
- 48V 19,2ah battery
- Datex2 device

My favorite upgrade has to be the Magura brakes. it is also by far the most expensive. I paid 200 euro for two sets and another 90 to have them professionally installed. I am trying to learn as much as I can through trial and error but installing these seemed like too much of a jump in required skill-level.

The headlight also deserves some attention. It originally comes from a KNAAP bike, meaning it works with the stock controller. These are normally not sold separately but a local dealer had no problem ripping it off a showroom bike and installing it on mine. At 1200 lumen, I will not be overlooked.

The large crate, a tip: if you are a tall rider and raise the saddle, you can install the crate length-wise which I believe really add to a sleeker aesthetic.

Once I get my motorcable I will finally be able to install the sinewave controller. Sinewave is meant to be a significant upgrade in tech over squarewave but finding detailed results for Bafang motors is impossible. I am very curious to see how much performance I'll gain, and how silent it will be. Note that since I am in the EU I don't see myself getting a bigger motor and getting a higher top speed. My focus is on range and torque. With both batteries installed I should be able to do 80+ km on full pas, averaging 30+ km/h for much longer before noticing voltage sag, can't wait!


This looks awesome. Did the headlight require any wiring or did you gut out the headlight and place the stock light inside of it?


Wish the large crate was an option here. It's been unavailable for so long they should just remove it from the options.