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Repair Kit

Started by boneshakin, October 12, 2022, 01:56:35 PM

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Brand new here and this is my first post.  Just purchased 2 RadRover 6 Plus yesterday and am excited to start riding.  Thinking ahead can anybody recommend an emergency repair kit that I should have with me when riding?  I have no idea what tools to bring and am hoping there is one that can be purchased that covers the minimum requirements if needed.



I am also trying to decide what to get but if you enter emergency bike repair kit in Amazon there are lots, many around $20 and easily carried on a bike.

Water Doc

Go to Amazon and purchase some Klein Allen tools of the appropriate sizes (4 and 5mm), tire patch kit and tools to remove bike tires. It's also a good idea to have a 10 mm wrench.
RadMini4 and RR+


Just a suggestion.  For the first time on a new bike (or first time ever on an ebike), don't ride more than 3 to 5 miles from home, and make sure you have a phone and somebody is at home with a car to rescue you.  The first 2 hours is when things will break or go out of adjustment, or the assembly was wrong, which requires major tools. Things like the seat coming loose or the handlebar not being pointed right.  Shake it out - do hard acceleration, hard braking - doing it only when safe of course.  Hit some small bumps.

Bring all the tools from the manufacturer with you.  After the first 50 miles (2-3 hours), the bike will need less adjustments and be more reliable. 

The rear wheel is hard to take off.  Measure the wheel nut size and buy a big wrench for the axle nut if you don't have one.  I forgot the size myself.

Rad is a great product. Have fun.


You can get bike specific Multi Tools

I have an older version of this on my MTB
I also ride with a hydration pack in that pack I carry tire levers, CO2, D Hanger, Zip Ties, Tubeless repair kit, zip ties
In a seat pack is a tube, inflator and more CO2
*When I had a SS I had to carry a specific tool to get the rear wheel off*

I have this one on my Gravel Bike
In a seat pack is a tubeless repair kit, tube, inflator and the above tool

For my Rad I really use it only in the hood so if I have to walk its only few miles.  But If I was commuting with it I would have-
Tool to get wheel(s) off, tire patch, appropriate Tube, inflator and a &^% Ton of CO2 (big tires).
I woudnt worry about to many other tools for repairs since it would likely be a wreck that messed something else up.

You should pack what you need to get you to somewhere from a flat, if its more than that you'll likely need help anyway.  The MTB is the only time I plan for more since its possible to break stuff on the trail and continue to ride.  If Im doing gravel events I plan for a bit more since I could be 20 miles from help on deserted roads.


Quote from: tacomanatx on October 14, 2022, 06:32:03 AM
I have an older version of this on my MTB

Great idea.  I have the same thing.  But I found that the spoke wrenches does not do 13 gauge.

I also just carry all the tools the bike came with in a pouch.  They are a bit heavy - but then we have a 70 pound ebike (generally speaking, avg weight of the bikes) so what is an extra pound.  For myself, I am trying to not buy stuff - running out of space.


For me it's the factory tools, but with a Crank Brothers M10 multitool instead of the bulky Rad screwdriver. In addition to that, I carry a small Craftsman multitool with cutter for getting those cable ties off if I need to take the rear wheel off. Rounding out the set is a valve core tool, patch kit, penlight, small air pump, and lightweight tire levers.

The Crank Brothers tool takes up less space than the Rad screwdriver, and is much stronger. It contains straight edge and Phillips screwdrivers, a Torx driver which fits most brake rotor mounting screws, and Allen wrenches from 1mm to 8mm.