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New Rear wheel/motor install

Started by Gwing21, September 18, 2022, 07:51:37 PM

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Rad is sending a new one (warranty)for 4 week old Runner2.
Does Rad expect me to install this? That?s like a new car puking a motor and GM sending me a crate motor?.I am not a bike mechanic, should they not pay for a bike shop to remove the old one, change the tire and install the new one? There communication through email is not very clear!

Gray Beard

Velofix is a mobile bike repair/service company.  You can go to their website to see if they work in your area.  Rad honors their work and has them perform warranty work for their customers (ie: you).  Rad had sent me a new derailleur that was damaged in shipping of my new RadCity 5+ and Velofix swapped it out and took care of the claim with Rad.  You need to contact Rad and ask for a service ticket for the work needed.   


If you read the Rad warranty statement and the Terms of Service, it does not say anything about covering anything but factory defects in some of the parts of the bike. nothing anywhere about covering the labor to install these parts. That said Rad has a great guide on removing and replacing the rear wheel assembly. This is the same exact process you will have to go through to start to fix a flat on the rear wheel. It is a good idea to learn how to do this so that when it does happen you are ready how to fix it.