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Error 30 Rad Rover 6 Plus

Started by davidking, September 14, 2022, 05:49:54 PM

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Looked through the forum for more info

The display shows 1 flashing battery bar when starting up, the PAS works, the headlight doesn't, the rear light does, the throttle doesn't work, then it goes into an Error 30 message then shuts off

Now I stripped the bike down to just the battery and the display and I still got the Error 30

so it's either the display or the controller....the battery is fine, I just finished charging it

Rad Bikes can be cut and pasters, I know you have to call to get things done but did anyone else face this exact thing? I want to be sure on what to pressure them for.



I have the same problem.
Would like to know what solved the
ERROR 30 message.


I had the same problem with the tail light.

Plug and unplug the light.  Maybe do it 10 times - checking each time to see if you solved the problem.  I know it is a pain - but maybe some oxidation in the connectors.

Those connectors are a pain, you need good hand strength.  Be gentle.  Or else you break the connector. Don't pull on the cord. Only pull the thicker connector part. 

Naturally, do it correctly. Don't mis-align.  Or else you have a broken connector.


I'm chasing this error across my power network.  I live in Iowa, it's still "winterish" here.  Winterish can go until May some times.  I'm putting a dielectric grease in every connector.  Just a little insurance.

Good luck on your "error 30 hunt".... what a PIA!
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