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The "two week" clock...when is that time up?

Started by dbriere, September 08, 2022, 04:14:35 AM

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I have gotten the safety notification three times on three different days, and the email says "we will have a solution in 2 weeks". OK, two weeks from WHEN?

Does anybody know when this 2 weeks is up?

I'm very unhappy about this. The RadWagon 4 is my first Rad bike, and possibly my last. The day I was supposed to pick up my newly assembled bike at my local bike shop, I got the safety notice email. Lovely.

So, does anybody know that actual DATE by which Rad will [allegedly] have a solution? (the answer can't be 2 weeks...LOL)


The safety hold notice was lifted a week ago if you have tires that are smooth side walls. Anyone that has tires with ridged side walls have been affected and are being sent new tires and tubes by the company. Go to the company's website and a banner at the top of each web page has a link to the safety notice and further directions if your tire sidewalls are smooth and not ribbed then you're cleared to ride your bike. Check the company's website for this safety notice banner at the top of each page. Hope this helps!


Hello - Please advise which tires and which tire company are you guys referring to ? Does the recall effect any other RAD / Bike tires ?