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rear rack

Started by, September 04, 2022, 10:35:46 AM

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I just purchased a rad city 3 s/t and it came w/a wooden board on the rear rack.  What is the purpose of that? Is there some accessory I should have that attaches to it for storage like a trunk bag?

Also, are there any after market trunk bags that work w/the rad city rear rack?  I have an Ibera rak pak on my mini, but had to purchase the Ibera rack to go with it. I would obviously prefer to be able to use the rear rack that's arleady on the City if possible.

Any advice appreciated!


I have the SEYMOUR OCEANWEAVE TRUNK on both my RAD City 5 Plus and RAD Rover 6 Plus. You can find it at much better pricing than from the company itself. Great expandable trunk with drop bag panniers.

How do you attach it to the rack?


How do you attach it to the rack?

Velcro straps

I paid $70.00 but you'll see it listed for over $140.00