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Installing a 4 inch tire on the RadMini's 3 inch rim

Started by lmsvlim, September 03, 2022, 12:31:42 AM

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Hey guys! I'm really new to the e-bike life. I've biked my whole life but recently was able to acquire my RadMini 4. But I wiped out pretty bad in gravel road as the new 2022 tire that Rad provides on the Minis are the 3 inch tires and has horrible traction on gravel. Has anyone tried to install a 4 inch knobby offroad/winter tire on the new Radmini 4 models with the 3 inch rim? 


Yes they fit fine, I prefer them. I asked Rad before I changed mine. They confirmed they fit.


I learned a lesson with this conversion, just 3 days ago.  If you try running very low pressure, and then use full power while "standing up pedal hard" up steep pavement....

It rips the valve stem right out of the tube!

Duh....sometimes I don't think things through. :-[