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Anyone getting through to customer service?

Started by schlossb, September 02, 2022, 03:20:32 PM

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I have a new RadCity5 Plus with non-working lights (but a working brake light) and was told 2 weeks ago they'd send me a new controller and it would be in the mail in 3-5 days from then.  I have a help ticket with them open and the last note three days ago was 'we will see where things are". Crickets since.  I'm sympathetic to not having enough employees to do customer service like this (I have a child doing something similar), but would also like to have functioning lights on a new bike.  Any thoughts/tips on getting a response or is this just the way it is? And I'm getting tired of waiting on hold on the phone. And I tried a DM on Twitter - I may be getting annoying, which is not my overall approach to things. Thanks.


Hey how are you? I have a post in the rw-4 forum titled safety notice do not ride your bicycle. I just got it two weeks ago and was getting into the habit of riding it each morning after my wake up. So basically I've called customer service a number of times over the last 3 days since the safety notice went out. Yesterday they sent me a second copy of the same notice and I called customer service for the 5th time in 3 days. As a customer service representative for a super large online retailer I can tell you what good customer service is because I get 100% csat scores. Also after 2 years with said super large online retailer I just happened to apply to this company for a customer service remote role out of Tampa Florida. That was 3 weeks ago the day before I ordered my RW for. Of course like all of us I've been shopping over a year pining over which bike to buy continually coming back to the rw-4 for my needs. To confirm your point they are uninformed and sound bewildered.. of course they know who I am the second I call in because they are customer service software automatically sees who's calling in and brings up the order on the screen. I'll make one important point that I think has to be stressed being in customer service. They do no sort of customer verification. In fact I'm required to perform three types of verification before I can give any sense of information about that customers order. While I'm one of the maybes on the return poll I posted I don't want to lean on the side of yes returning this bike. Here's another important note they just launched a minimum of two new lines and retired one or two others and there's a big media push on this now. But they are out of stock on the rw-4 now! Coincidence I think not. Any thoughts?


See my post in general chat rw4 out of stock? Prediction they will announce the rw4 has been discontinued$$$$$$_

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