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Key Cylinder Mounting Plate Cracked

Started by Gray Beard, August 29, 2022, 05:59:08 PM

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Gray Beard

Recently purchase (2) Radcity 5 Plus ST in mid July.  Only have a 100 miles on them so far and took the batteries out for their 2nd charging.  The plate that holds the key cylinder and battery fell apart on my wife's bike and checked mine and it is cracked also. Going to be contacting CS tomorrow.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Seems like there is either a bad patch of mounting plates or they are over torquing at assembly.  Attached are pic of the on in pieces from her bike and the one in mine that is still together but cracked.  I don't slam the battery when inserting just push the top till it clicks.

Gray Beard

2nd picture didn't attach to original post


Looks pretty clear to me that those two torx screws were over tightened.  Stress fractures around the hole and partial stripping of the heads due to the over tightening.

Gray Beard

Called Rad customer support this morning.  Just requested some pictures to which I provided.  Two new brackets with new lock cylinders, keys are on their way.  I'm a happy camper.  ;)


Yeah I had this issue. Contacted CS and they sent a "lock core" replacement. Def happened bc it was overtightened or whatever. in the interim, i just tied the battery tightly to my bike with a 550 cord I could untie when it came time to charge. im super paranoid about it now lmao

Gray Beard

I too am paranoid about pulling the battery to charge the batteries in both my wife's and mine.  After seeing the construction of the lock core plate or enclosure it doesn't instill confidence that this could take a lot of battery removals and installs before breaking again.  That's why in another thread I wanted to poll how many people choose to leave the battery mounted to the bike to charge verse removing it. 


If it were me, I'd tighten it down till it's just snug without cracking the plastic with just a small dab of BLUE loctite on the threads.  That should hold it in place without needing to over do it

Gray Beard

That's exactly what I plan on doing.  I'm a firm believer in blue loctite.  LOL, I used to have a Harley Davidson and loctite was a must!