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Radwagon: Has anyone used the rear rack bolt holes to add a rack/basket?

Started by jbroehl, August 29, 2022, 10:52:11 AM

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Thanks in advance if anyone has ideas: I take my two kids (5 and 3) to and from school most days with my Radwagon. They fill up all available space on the back so my only storage for kids' bags is the one front basket. I'm wondering if it's possible to use these two bolt holes on the rear of the rack. They're not threaded so I don't know what they were designed for (handling during mfg process?). But they look like they could support a small rack and/or basket combo with the right hardware. Picture a milk crate sized basket (or literally a milk crate) directly behind that kids seat. Curious if anyone has gotten further along with this possibility. Thanks,


Do so at your own risk but I think, with a bit of caution, one could use those "bolt holes" to mount a light weight basket behind your kids. Probably all one would have to do is secure it in such a way it doesn't bounce or swing as you're riding.
I never noticed them before so I checked on my RW4 and they are hollow tubes. Given the RW4 is a steel frame one could also easily thread them and simply use a bolt instead of a nut and bolt. I have no idea what they're for. They are also situated on the front of the rack. ??


You could do the engineering on the thread, thread length, weld analysis, but honestly more than a few pounds (bouncing around) would probably tax them.  Poke RAD support, what are they for? ...  I'd put a license plate there, personally. My Runner Plus, doesn't have them, tho most of the RW4 stuff fits.  The big platform, 1 baby seat, big basket etc... fits the RR+.
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