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Rad wagon 1/2017 Bolton motor not detected

Started by Jasonthomashorn, August 25, 2022, 09:20:03 AM

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Hi All,
I'm new to posting to the forum but been lurking for sometime.

I purchased the Bolton controller about 8 months ago and just installed it about a week ago.

I am getting the motor not detected error.

Are there specific settings that would cause this error or that I could change to test?

Has anyone been successful in installing it in the Rad Wagon 1 and what steps did you take?

Currently because the new display connector is different from the old harness I hardwired the display matching the wire colors. I would assume tx/rx communicate is over 2 of the wires power/gnd on 2 not sure what the 5th wire is for.


You cannot ever trust that different manufacturers are going to use the same color wires. You need to know the actual wiring of each device.  When I'm doing such things, I normally make a charge

RED                            REDBLk                             BLkGRN                            WHTBRN                            BLU
Then I determine what each wire on each side is, then match them up.  I'll draw lines from one side to the other so I know how to wire it up.  Normally RED is going to be voltage, but Black is not always ground, sometimes white is ground.  Sometimes brown is input voltage. 

Make sense?


Thanks for the response.

Is your response rad and controller specific? Or just general wiring knowledge?

The display does power on, the buttons do work and change the settings, and the throttle does sometimes turn the wheel with one pulse but then the error appears.

Given that I am very confident that the power and ground are correct. Fairy confident that the tx/rx wires(not sure what color they are) are correct. Not sure what the last wire is for.

Is that the wheel motion pulse sensor?

How much "smarts" are in the display?

Seems like most of the smarts would be in the controller box connected to the battery because the wires going to the display are certainly low amperage.


Just general wiring knowledge.  I don't know anything of the wiring of the devices you're working with.
How did you make the connections?  Did you use craptastic crimping butt splices?  Did you twist the wires together and wrap them with electrical tape?  Both are bad ideas.
Whenever I'm splicing wires, I solder them together, then use heatshrink.  If it's a bundle, then there's another layer of heatshrink around the entire bundle.  Soldering ensures a connection that won't work loose.
If you've never done that before, there's quite a few videos on butt splicing solder connections.


Found the solution 2 issues:
First the motor connection was not seating all the way used some dialectic Grease to get a solid connection.

Second because the 2017 is a non geared direct drive motor the P1 setting has to be 46 here are the settings I used. Hopefully this can help someone else with the 2017 or 2018 rad wagon

LIM: 72
DIM: 26
UNT: 3
P1: 46
P2: 6
P3: 1
P4: 0
C1: 7 (1 for OEM sensor)
C2: 0
C3: 1
C4: 0
C5: 06
C6: 3
C7: 1
C8: 0
C9: 0
C10: N
C11: 0
C12: 4
C13: 0 (this is for regen braking. I havent played with this too much but Bolton tech said the DD motor does not regen. Your results may vary 0= OFF)
C14: 2