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Looking for any feedback on new grips for RadRover 6

Started by RADmaster, August 18, 2022, 01:09:58 PM

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Because of arthritis in both thumbs, I have a hard time going on longer rides on the pavement, and on dirt roads, it's even worse because of the amount of pressure I need to use on handle bars.  So it turns out I can use the corner of the handles to steer without my hands cramping. Then found these.

Because the shorter right side needs to allow for the throttle I believe they will fit.

Does anyone have any experience with these or other grips that have the short three-finger upright option?


@RADmaster - not exactly what you're asking but I have the standard/regular version of these Ergon GP3 grips without the upright option. I like them much better than the standard RAD grips. For some reason I tend to grip my handlebars pretty hard. These are a lot better on my hands. The ones I got do have the right one not as wide to accomodate for the throttle.


Quote from: crorris on August 18, 2022, 01:23:52 PM
@RADmaster - The ones I got do have the right one not as wide to accomodate for the throttle.

Thanks for the info, do you have the model # so I can confirm the right side compatibility?


Here's where I got mine. They were the large ones. They don't have the part that sticks up, just regular grips.


Ive ridden nothing but Ergon for thousands of miles on the MTB and I would use nothing else.  I always use the GP1 version

What makes them better than the ones on my Rad bike is the Lock on feature so they dont move.


Thanks for your responses as I ordered the only grips I could find from eBay. They are the GP2s but should do the trick.