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Lakeland Florida Region

Started by RadMig, August 16, 2022, 04:27:16 AM

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Located in Central Florida in Polk county this Rad Owners forum is for the Lakeland area including North and South from Kissimmee South to Mulberry. Basically between the Tampa Bay area and Orlando.


Highlights in this region include Lakeland, Ybor City and Kissimmee with a stretch to Orlando and a stretch into Tampa anything is possible in this area from Mickey Mouse to the Buccaneers. Let's plan some meetups and tours of some cool areas. Any suggestions?


 I am in Land O Lakes. Where do you meet and ride


Hi how are you? Thanks for reaching out. I just got my rw4 one month ago and my bike was part of the safety hold do not ride for the last 2 weeks. However my tires were not part of the safety hold as it turns out so now I can ride the bike without worry. I just started this post in the hopes of finding some people to ride with. I am located south of Lakeland in Mulberry which is quite a distance from Land o Lakes as it turns out. As of now it's just me and I was hoping to find some people in the Lakeland area. Do you have any people you ride with up in Land o Lakes? Maybe one weekend we can meet halfway Ybor City or something like that..


I have ridden the Withlacoochee trail some. That is a great nice trail. I need to get back down there.

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