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RadCity 5+ Controller Finally Arrived!

Started by tomkal, August 15, 2022, 07:46:55 PM

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After 6 weeks and 120 manual miles the controller finally arrived. What a difference and pleasure to ride. The attached photo below has the old and new controller. The new one is made in China and has a green dot.
Very straight forward replacement procedure (maybe 1 hr) which gets you familiar with the bike electronics.

Yes, I was very frustrated after spending a bunch of money on the bike, putting it together and found that it didn't have any power assist... The support staff was pleasant, did their jobs (on a Saturday 7/2/22) and ordered the part. They even set the correct expectation that it would be early August for the part. 

It's a high-tech bike, you'll need some electro-mechanical skills to keep it going, things are going to happen (everything breaks!).   



I went thru this on my rover 6p.
I ordered the bike as a radtirement gift to myself. During my first ride it broke down and then sat in my den
for weeks while I replaced the controller, wiring harness and ultimately the culprit...UI controller.   Yes. The Rad team was top notch in helping me get it resolved for what seemed forever.

No green dot or any difference on my new controller. I actually got them mixed up and freaked. The wire housing on the original one had ziptie indentations, save.