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Thumb throttle

Started by djc, August 12, 2022, 12:36:27 PM

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Curious to know if anyone uses a thumb throttle on their Rad.

My wife will likely only be able to use it with throttle only, due to post knee replacement surgery complications.

Having tried the Rad on a few occasions, I'm wondering if a throttle would make it more comfortable to use and easier on the hand/wrist...?


I bought one of these and am very happy with it; well-made and glitch-free since installation over a year ago:

Available in various color combos to suit your preference and once you install and align it for your hand placement, it's your choice to use it or not - it's right there when needed, but stays out of the way if you want to just hold the twist trip instead.   I find it's easier to hold for long periods than the twist grip, but not as smooth and precise as a light hold on the twist grip - when I'm navigating twisty or bumpy woods trails I use the twist grip, but hit the thumb throttle to accelerate from an intersection stop or when climbing hills.

There are a number of other options to do the same thing, and 3-D models to print your own, but this is the way I went, with no regrets.  It does take slight and constant downward thumb pressure though, so make sure that's not a problem but it's the same for any of these.
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I got a different one off of Amazon, which I trimmed down, but yours looks like a better option. I put it on my City 5 Plus simply because I have had two accidents r/t unexpected stopping, where I didn't have the presence of mind to use the throttle quickly. I think it is going to help. I also lowered the seat, but I'm inching it up gradually because as a former road biker, I find the low seat very uncomfortable.