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My new Rad5 is a total piece of ****

Started by Treefriend, August 11, 2022, 08:13:47 PM

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Hehateme is a mother fucking idiot.


Record your self setting it on fire and crushing in a compactor. Post here so we can all watch. I prefer slow motion for dramatic effect, if your taking requests.

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Hi I did about 2 years of research before I pulled the trigger on the Rad wagon 4. One of the reasons I did not buy the rad City and I probably would have taken the step through was they are still using the old motor type on the rear hub. They have phased that motor out on every model except for the radCity. I know that you're speaking about mostly wiring issues but is it possible the root of the problem is that discontinued motor on the back tire? This is basically why I plunked down the extra 400 for the wagon. I would insist on a refund based on a damage or defect and let them come get that bike. Just make sure you don't ride the bike past 10 miles and you return it in the first 30 days or report the damage which you have. I wish you the best and I know how you feel. There's a reason why they dropped the price to 1599 and this may be one of them. I would not be surprised if the next version of the rad City has their standard motor that's on every bike now. It might be worth bringing that up to them.


I spoke with a RAD tech today (someone you can't speak to when calling the toll free number). He said the RAD City 5 Plus and the RAD Rover 6 Plus (two of their most current designs) are almost twins. The only motor difference is sizing because the Rover has fat tires and the City has thinner tires. The tech was very knowledgeable about RADS in every respect we covered. But the motors are in every performance and standard respect the same. There's a lot of stuff posted on forums like this that are at best, uninformed. For some others it's frankly just axe grinding without revealing why.


Ha, so funny and creative. I love it!

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My new city5 also not working out of the box :( very disappointing tbh. Went through the trouble shoot and no joy. It is a fine looking bike. Pity it doesn?t work. So see what they tell me on Monday next step


Sent the videos and pics.. their send me out a new ui display and remote to change over. The display on mine only half shows the numbers when turning on then flashes with faults. No drive to the pas motor whatsoever. Here?s hoping that?s all it is as it?s a relatively straight forward swap in and out. Although it could take up to 20days for delivery which is sad. My wife isnot too happy that the bike and box is taking up half the house ( don?t want to dispose of box unless it needs to be sent back ) I took it out for a quick 2/3 minute pedal last night and I do like the bike. Just a pain that it?s not in working order. If this fix doesn?t work they will send a new controller and will probably be another 20 days. Not really good enough to be honest


Sorry I haven't used ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM for over 15 years.  Neither should you.  Search my name on FB, YT, TW, & those others.  I've been online since 1992. Most of that time as a Systems & Network Engineer.



Quote from: Hehateme on August 24, 2022, 08:41:26 AM

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that's a fremont troll, not a network troll.


Oh jeez who?d of thought to ask a question about faulty product bought off official site and ask a question has it happened to others on product forum. Must be a troll.. you dope!!! Iv bought a bike that doesn?t work and is sitting in my kitchen since it came as I?m waiting for a new part to come( none of which being my fault ) And they hope this will fix my issue.. they should just take the bike bike and ship a new one if it?s not in 100% working order. People here saying your trolls need to get a life 🤡


Quote from: Treefriend on August 14, 2022, 06:10:28 PM
Got through to customer service and they are having me go through the Error 30 troubleshooting

Did you figure out the problem with your bike?