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Large Basket Causing Rattle

Started by gthorson, August 11, 2022, 10:04:37 AM

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I just installed the large basket on the back of my Roadrunner 2 and now there is a fairly strong rattling sound every time the motor engages.

Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?


There's a joint on one side of the basket on the top and bottom rails.  Maybe that's what' rattling.  I hear it on mine sometimes too.  Maybe a couple of turns of electrical tape to hold them tight?


You were right about the joint being the problem. It's the one located above the X on the top rail (long side). If I hold the joint with my hand and depress the throttle, the rattling stops.

I tried adding spacers. No luck. I tried installing a clamp with a grommet over the bad joint. No luck.

Rad Power Bikes San Diego was incredible. They shipped me a new one. No rattling.