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Custom Mount for Ammo Case Storage in Step Through - RadRunner Plus

Started by blueprintprinting, August 10, 2022, 08:17:48 PM

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So I just finished up my custom designed mount to attach an ammo case in the step through. I liked the idea of the Rad Center Console but I didn't want to lose the step through. So I fired up Fusion360 and my 3D printer. I went through a lot of iterations of this design until I found one that worked well. It takes a couple hours to print and uses more plastic than some other iterations but it is much easier to mount and makes a firmer connection. This is just one of many mods I've made so far. Some others are: raising the passenger seat by any inch with nylon spacers to make room to store my cable and ulock; printing a thumb throttle; adding side mirrors and turn signals; mounting a anti-theft vibration alarm under the passenger seat; custom vinyls to blackout the Rad branding. Happy to answer any other question

On to the photos

I use it to store my pump and tools. Also could throw in my phone and wallet for longer rides.

Secured by a Master Lock, which will only keep honest people honest.

View of the Ammo Case and Mount off the bike

The mount alone

Not sure if this is allowed but I am selling them on Etsy if anyone wants one. Comes with the mount and mounting hardware but you have to buy the ammo case off Amazon because I can't afford to ship that without insane markup.



Quote from: swannlv on October 02, 2022, 02:27:36 AM
Hello! How do you make those vinyls? Thanks! ^^

I designed them in illustrator and cut them out on my Cricut.