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Newbie from Las Vegas

Started by Lowjiber, August 07, 2022, 07:04:06 PM

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Just joined the forum today.  We ordered two RAD6+ step-thru bikes today.

There are about a zillion miles of bike trails in the Vegas valley, but I'm too old (75) to ride my mountain bike any more.

First name is John.


John, Congrates  on your new bikes. Just make sure you are very careful with your batteries. Follow the exact charging procedure, as far as connecting and disconnecting the charger. And also don't mistake the charge ports on the batteries with the key slot. Touching the charge port with the key can short the battery and leave it useless. New batteries are about 600 bucks. That's a costly mistake. For the charge procedure remember the word BOOB.  when hooking up for charging B battery first then O outlet. After charge, disconnect O outlet first then B battery. Thus the word BOOB